The Swiss Conference of Cantonal Ministers of Education (EDK) and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) defined our mission in the statute of the institution under public law as follows: Educa examines technological developments and links them to quality improvements in compulsory education (primary and lower secondary level), vocational education and training, baccalaureate schools and upper secondary specialised schools (upper secondary level). It lays the foundations for the Swiss digital education space throughout the entire country.

In particular, its remit includes the following core tasks:

  • Exploring ecosystems: Educa closely tracks developments in digital transformation as it applies to the Swiss education area. It evaluates them in the context of the strategic goals of the Confederation and the cantons for systemic quality improvements in the Swiss education area and supports the education authorities in the preparation of relevant challenges.
  • Design mediation: Educa promotes the development, processing and nationwide dissemination of expertise on realizing the potential benefits of digital technologies in the Swiss education space for those responsible for education policy, administration and practice. It networks at national and international levels with relevant players in business, research and administration.
  • Establish services: Educa promotes access to and use of digital services for the education system.

The focus topics and projects are set out in the service agreement and periodically adapted to changing needs.

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Digital networks transform interconnected places of formal, non-formal and informal education into a new ecosystem: the Swiss digital education space. It provides a clearly defined basis for the legally compliant, common use of shared data.

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Annual reports

Annual Report 2019 (German) pdf, 458.87 KB
Annual Report 2018 (German) pdf, 152.15 KB
Annual Report 2017 (German) pdf, 270.18 KB